Umpire Directory

Umpire directory

The umpire directory shows the umpire and club, so you need to use the club contact to get in touch – this is to keep personal details private. A more robust solution is being worked on.


Forename Surname Club / University / School Passed / Renewed Award Held
Adam Clarkson Capital Level 2
Ailsa Lynch* GHK Level 2
Ailsa Stott Capital Level 2
Alex Greenaway Edinburgh Thistle Level 2
Amie Bruce Glenalmond Level 2
Andy Pearson Edinburgh Thistle Level 4
Annie Cheape GHK Level 2
Charlie Biggar Edinburgh Thistle Level 2
Charlotte Assheton Aberdeen University 18/10/2015 Level 2
Charlotte Toms Glasgow University Level 2
Claire Nance GHK Level 2
Claire Steele GHK Level 2
Emily Chavasse Edinburgh University 04/10/2015 Level 2
Emily Salvesen Edinburgh Thistle Level 4
Emma Wauchope Edinburgh Thistle Level 2
Fiona Reid Edinburgh Thistle Level 4
Franziska Putz Edinburgh University Level 2
Freya Williamson Glasgow University Level 2
Gil Lyttle Aberdeen City Level 2
Gordon Moffat Dundee University Level 2
Imogen Sheppardson St Andrews University 14/10/2015 Level 2
Jen Allison Edinburgh Thistle Level 3
Jennifer Boyle Edinburgh Thistle Level 2
Jenny Pearson Edinburgh Thistle Level 4
Julia Stubbins Strathclyde University Level 2
Kate Nelson-Lee Unattached Level 3
Kristin Renkei Glasgow University Level 2
Laura Taylor Capital Level 2
Lorna Powell Unattached Level 5
Louise Gilmour Wills Capital Level 2
Lucinda Barry Edinburgh University Level 2
Lucy Morris-Eyton Edinburgh University Level 2
Lydia Nicol Glasgow University Level 2
Mhairi Gilbert Glasgow University 05/12/2015 Level 2
Rebecca Lovie Aberdeen City Level 3
Rob Powell GHK Level 2
Sarah Cruickshank Capital Level 2
Sarah Johnston Fettes Level 2
Sierra Peters-Buckland RGU 18/10/2015 Level 2
Tania Hollands Capital Level 2
Jessamy Dibben Edinburgh University 05/12/2015 Level 2
Devon Troup Glasgow University 05/12/2015 Level 2
Katie Belcher St Andrews University 05/12/2015 Level 2
Bethany Brophy Glasgow University 05/12/2015 Level 2
Georgie Harfitt* Edinburgh University Level 2
Annabel Reid Edinburgh University 19/11/2016 Level 2
Florence Blair Edinburgh University 19/11/2016 Level 2
Louise McClung Glasgow University 16/02/2019 Level 2
Sarah Elliot Glasgow University 16/02/2019 Level 2
Catriona Cleary Glasgow University 16/02/2019 Level 2
Anna Weaver Glasgow University 03/12/2016 Level 2

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