Pre & Post Match Timings

These are the timings that are used for FIL matches and LS use these timings so that players and coaches only have to remember one set of timings. Note that we may not have the issue of media, post match nor do we have anthems, however the blue text is  relevant to domestic matches. To download the timings click here


35 minutes prior to game time

  • Teams must be on the pitch to complete match preparations. Higher Seeded / Home Team to right of Scorer and Timer as they look at pitch.
  • Timers/Scorers, Technical Delegates & Umpires report to Score table to complete preparation.

20 minutes on pre-game clock

  • Completed Team Roster must be submitted to the score table

15 minutes on pre-game clock

  • Ball girls / boys must report to the score table

12 minutes on pre-game clock

  • Teams report to their bench area for Crosse Check. Immediately following Crosse Check, line-up, National Anthems and exchange of pins.
  • Immediately following pin exchange, Team Captain from each team stays in the centre of the field for coin toss. (Lower Seeded / Away Team calls coin toss).
  • Teams are guaranteed 2 minutes immediately following the coin toss

2 minutes on pre-game clock

  • Teams advised at 2 minutes on pre-game clock. Teams come off field and have 2 minutes to huddle.

30 seconds on pre-game clock

  • Whistle sounds with 30 seconds on pre-game clock. Umpires and teams take the field

0 minutes on clock

  • Game clock is set to 30 minutes and game begins on time.



10 minutes on post game clock

  • Immediately following conclusion of a match, teams have 10 minutes to cool down on the game field / in their team bench areas.
  • 10 minutes countdown starts as soon as the horn / whistle ends the game
  • Media are not allowed on the game field for interviews with players or coaches


0 minutes on post game clock

  • Teams must clear their team bench area, leave the field & go to the designated area for interviews with media.

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