Concussion is one of many injuries that a sportsperson can pick up, however, unlike a cut or a broken bone, the damage is not visible and people do not treat it with the care and respect it deserves. Whether you are a player, coach, physio / trainer, parent, friend, spectator or official it is really important that you are aware of this injury. There are some very good guides that have been published and which are being used by many sports – the Federation of International Lacrosse has published a concussion policy for World Events, which contains a Sport Concussion Assessment Tool – 3rd edition (for use by medical professionals) and a Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool™ to help to identify concussion in children, youth and adults.

Although umpires are not expected to be doctors nor to diagnose concussion everyone should have a read of the information so that they are concussion-aware.

FIL document – Concussion: Identification, Treatment, and Management

Sport Concussion Assessment Tool – 3rd edition

Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool™

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