Laxrules is back!


After a few years away, I am delighted to let you know that laxrules website is back up and running. It feels a bit bare just now, but it was important to get this Officiating information source going again, so the site will get more information as time goes on.

This site is to help officials so if you want something added or just have a question , just drop us an email.

There is a Referee Directory and an Umpire Directory, which must be way out of date, so I would ask all club captains / secretaries to let us know what officials you have so that I can get the directories current. I am relying on you as I do not know who has left / moved away. I have removed all Level 1 umpires are they sat the test years ago and it will not hurt for them to do it again (after all, it is free …. and fun to do ?!?!?)

Feedback re what you need is welcome.

Lorna Powell

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