Know the rules

Lacrosse Scotland Domestic Rules

These are the rules that will be used for Lacrosse Scotland domestic competition for season 2018/2019. Lacrosse Scotland are not using the new FIL rules at present, but as they will be used (possibly next season or at selected events) then it would be good to be aware of them. The new FIL rules can be found on the FIL rules webpage – a good one to bookmark.

Mixed lacrosse games use the women’s rules and women’s equipment e.g. sticks, but limit the number of men on the field at any one time.

Lacrosse Scotland League Rules may vary very slightly from the FIL rules so make sure that you are aware of the rules that are being played …… before the whistle goes to start the game.

LS Domestic Men’s Rules 2018/19

LS Domestic Women’s Rules 2018/19

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