Officials’ Code of Conduct

Officials’ Code of Conduct

As an official in the sport of lacrosse, I have a unique and important role to play.  My conduct can impact not only the play of an individual game but in promoting the respect and growth of the game itself.  I accept the responsibilities of this role and will strive to fulfill them guided by this Code of Conduct:

  1. I will represent Lacrosse Scotland in a professional manner at all times. I will ensure that my behaviour, both on and off the field adheres to the principles of professionalism and is in observance of all Lacrosse Scotland policies.

  2. I will not use illegal and non-doctor prescribed prescription drugs while participating in any Lacrosse Scotland fixture; this includes smoking or use of alcohol while officiating for Lacrosse Scotland.

  3. I will make a personal commitment to keep myself informed of accepted officiating principles, which includes having a sound understanding of the rules of the game, their applications and current interpretations.

  4. To the best of my ability, I will enforce the rules of the game as documented in the current official FIL rulebook.

  5. I will strive to be consistent, objective and under control in the administration of each contest in which I participate.

  6. I will remain open to advancing my skills by participating in evaluation, discussion, and review with Lacrosse Scotland testers and assessors. I will listen to and respect differing points of view and I will always strive for impartiality.

  7. I will refrain from discussing in public or through the media, games I have officiated, and decisions made by other officials during their games. I will reserve such reviews for private discussion with other game officials.

  8. I will treat all participants with courtesy and respect. I will not tolerate discourteous and inappropriate behavior towards any participant in any fixture in which I am officiating.

  9. I will always ensure that postings I make on any form of social networking site will be professional, conform to the fundamental principles of sportsmanship and not bring myself, other officials, or Lacrosse Scotland into disrepute

  10. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action. Such action may result in a formal warning or the official losing their rating.

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