How to get tested

How to get tested

Before you put yourself forward for the practical part of the umpire’s test, please make sure that you have had sufficient practice. It is not enough to have read the rules, you need to practise applying them. You can do this at your club training or at school matches (the staff are always delighted to have someone to umpire for them, so that they can coach their team). There are ample opportunities to get some practical experience under your belt.

If you would like some feedback before you get tested, then set up a friendly match (or invite a tester to your club training).

Level 2 test

It is the responsibility of the club to arrange for a friendly match / testing opportunity – check that a tester is available first and give plenty of notice – 2 weeks is prefereable to 2 days, as we do have a life beyond lacrosse. You can be tested at a club friendly match or at a school fixture – again check with the school first. Please contact us to check the availability of the testers

Level 3 or 4 test

Please contact us before the middle of November as this requires more organisation and we are limited in the fixtures that are eligible for testing.

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