Equipment (Women)


Rule of thumb for non-representative play

All representative matches (Home Scots, Rest of Scotland, Junior Scotland, U19s, U21s, Senior National) – all players must use FIL approved sticks as described on FIL website (see link below)

Club/school play in Scotland; players can use whatever stick they used before the new stick ruling came in, BUT when purchasing a new stick they should buy an FIL approved stick as described on Lacrosse Scotland / FIL website.

With regard to BUCS matches, you will have to check their rules.

Tours ; you will need to check with the country that you are intending to play matches against as rules will differ from country to country. This includes within the UK e.g. Clubs & Colleges and National Schools tournaments

FIL Approved Stick List

FIL approved stick list – lists the approved sticks for field players and goalkeepers. If you are buying a stick or plan to play any level of representative lacrosse, then you need to have a stick from the FIL stick list. Please note that the DeBeer Essence stick and any stick with a bent shaft are not legal for FIL play i.e. any play above inter-club or inter-school match level.

Eye Protection in the USA

From January 1, 2005, use of eye protection will be mandated by all women’s lacrosse teams in the USA. The key points in the statement are:

International teams may wear any eye protection that is approved for use in any FIL member country. (2005 IFWLA Conference Minutes)

Though highly recommended, International teams participating at US Lacrosse sanctioned events will not be mandated to wear eye protection.

Before traveling to play in the USA, international teams are urged to check with each school, club or collegiate program on their itinerary for local eye protection requirements. Individual states in the USA can set policy for their affiliated schools regardless of the USLacrosse policy regarding eyeware use.

Cascade R Helmets

This helmet is used in men’s lacrosse and by goalkeepers in women’s lacrosse, so if you use this helmet, please check out the information below.

This model of helmet has been de-certified by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). A statement relating to this and the action being taken can be found on the Cascade website.

Click here to go to the Cascade website page which has the instructions for returning a Cascade R helmet for certified modification. There is also a helpful FAQ section explaining the modification and how to check if you have this type of helmet.

A brief summary of the statement from Cascade:

  • Cascade will make that necessary modification at their facility beginning December 16th.
  • Modification  will be FREE of charge for consumers and retailers, including shipping. (USA customers only – other customers should contact Cascade for more information)
  • Solution involves a simple modification to the Cascade R.
  • A new sticker will be placed on all  modified helmets to indicate the helmet has been re-certified

In Scotland, players can still play with unmodified Cascade R helmets as the FIL rules do not stipulate that this equipment has to have passed NOCSAE tests.



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