Club R&U Survey Feedback

Club R&U Survey Feedback

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. This is what you told us when we asked “what you you want from R&U?”

Communication about the new rules i.e. exactly what they are and when will they be implemented in Scotland

Whether our club could run a course for our interested members in early September i.e pre matches starting. This would incorporate some social element also

Return to a standard Umpiring Course date annually (as has been the case, until recently, for more than 20 years ). It used to be on the weekend of 10 – 12 October. Students are back by then.

In an ideal world, the course would be paired with a tournament so that players were already in the location, but as we know there have not been any tournaments for many seasons. Question: would players want to ‘lose ‘ a whole weekend?

Compulsory representation at that course from every club if they wish to participate in the League.
(It is not just the umpires who are scunnered with matches being poorly officiated , but the players are sick of it too ).

To ensure that there are regular opportunities for prospective umpires to be assessed at Level 1 and Level 2

Another opportunity for Level 2 theory this season if possible. As a club we have several members who are keen to progress and would like there to be a more frequent opportunity to do so.
Perhaps we could implement 2 weekends a year which are set aside for umpiring courses so individuals have something to work towards, advance notice is key.
We appreciate most clubs are in the central belt area however this is quite a distance for some clubs to travel so perhaps moving the location every now and again would help/encourage numbers.
Clearer guidlines on use of Level 1s.
Hopefully a boost in number of Level 2 or above umpires would reduce club strain however if this is not the case then access to a pool of willing and qualified umpires would be greatly appreicated. Clubs would of course cover transport costs and umpiring fees.

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