Umpire’s Checklist

Umpire’s equipment

  • Whistle (on cord)
  • Appropriate footwear
  • Different coloured top from teams – preferably black & white stripes
  • Rules book
  • Scorecard
  • Pencil (not pen)
  • Stopwatch – you need to time the game, time-outs, cards
  • Ball
  • String & scissors (for goal net first aid)


  • Set off in plenty time – get to venue at least 30 minutes before draw time, preferably more
  • Make a good first impression / look professional
  • Be well turned out (different colour from teams)
  • Get yourself organised – make a checklist

Pre-match (together)

  • Decide who is charge umpire
  • Speak to captains to let them know what is happening e.g. playing time, stick checks …
  • Check goal nets
  • Check pitch (safety) – holes, stones, debris
  • Check players sticks, mouthguard, boots, jewellery (no later than 15 minutes before draw time)
  • Get the captains together to toss for ends
  • Warm-up – umpires need to warm up (preferably together)
  • You may want to check where the first aid is but this is strictly the captains’ job.

During the game

  • Keep it safe at all times
  • Be decisive, objective, fair and unbiased
  • Get familiar with your whistle – avoid wussy whistling
  • Be firm and clear (assertive not aggressive)
  • Do not touch a player – point to where they have to go, don’t physically guide them
  • Concentrate – commentary in your mind re the game not the people
  • Anticipate – may prevent an accident
  • Umpire’s decision is final. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t get into debates with players or supporters – the captains can discuss things with you at half time.
  • You and the other umpire(s) are the 3rd team on the pitch. Work together.

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