Welcome to the Scottish Mens Lacrosse Rules and Refereeing page

List of currently qualified referees.

Note that Level 1, 2 & 3 refereeing qualifications have an expiry date – they are valid until the end of the year listed below so 2021 means up to 31st December 2021.

Level 4

Name Club
Rob Powell Edinburgh City

Level 3

Name Club Expiry
Josh Bamford Edinburgh Uni 2021
Callum Chesshire Aberdeen 2021
Jan Heumann Glasgow City 2021
Lee McCrohan Edinburgh City 2021
Lorna Powell Edinburgh City 2021
Philip Smart Aberdeen 2021
Derek White Glasgow City 2021

Level 2

Name Club Expiry
Alasdair Carmichael Edinburgh City 2017
Matthew Hill Glasgow City 2020
Keith Robertson Glasgow City 2015

Level 1

Name Club Expiry
Gavin Bannerman Strathclyde Uni 2019
Iain Bell Robert Gordon Uni 2021
Ross Beveridge Strathclyde Uni 2020
Theo Brown St Andrews Uni 2021
Corrie Bruce Glasgow Uni 2019
Aidan Bundy Glasgow Uni 2015
Max Celej St Andrews Uni 2019
Nathan Collingwood Glasgow City 2015
Duncan Cramb Aberdeen Uni 2021
Shaun Cruse Edinburgh City 2017
Mark Currie Glasgow Uni 2014
Iain Dunlop Glasgow City 2015
Liam Fennel Edinburgh City 2017
Chris Ferguson Glasgow Uni 2015
Matthew Ferguson Stirling Uni 2019
Jamie Fleming Glasgow City 2019
Colin Gill Glasgow Uni 2017
Philip John Gorinski Edinburgh Uni 2020
Josh Gray Dundee University 2017
David Grinter Glasgow City 2014
Ben Haugen Edinburgh Uni 2019
Tomas Higginson St Andrews Uni 2019
Isaac Hollingsworth St Andrews University 2017
Ryan Hosick Aberdeen City 2017
Michael Jennings Aberdeen Uni 2021
Camilo Orozco Jaramillo Edinburgh Uni 2020
Nikke Kangasmaa Glasgow Uni 2015
Liam Keane Aberdeen Uni 2014
Malcolm Kent Glasgow City 2020
John King Edinburgh Uni 2020
Michal Kvapil Aberdeen Uni 2015
Adam Lander Aberdeen Uni 2017
Alistair Lee Glasgow Uni 2017
Harrison Lewis Aberdeen Uni 2019
Calum MacPherson Aberdeen Uni 2014
Ben Matthews Aberdeen Uni 2015
John McIntyre Strathclyde Uni 2020
Kyle Mckenzie Strathclyde Uni 2019
Philip Meier Aberdeen Uni 2017
Alasdair Mott Glasgow City 2017
Iain Murray Glasgow Uni 2019
David Nicolson Aberdeen Uni 2015
Andy O’Donnell Edinburgh City 2015
Louis Osman Glasgow City 2015
James Pate Glasgow Uni 2015
Conor Quarton Aberdeen Uni 2021
Oliver Raine Glasgow Uni 2020
Marko Raittila Robert Gordon Uni 2019
Gareth Roberts Strathclyde Uni 2019
Andrew Rogers Aberdeen Uni 2019
Jonathan Rose Aberdeen 2014
Josh Schuwer Edinburgh City 2019
Ben Solis Aberdeen Uni 2019
Ross Strachan Strathclyde Uni 2019
Sasha Thain Glasgow Uni 2019
Craig Thompson Stirling Uni 2019
Tomas Vagner Aberdeen Uni 2015
Marc Watson Edinburgh City 2015
Ross Waugh Edinburgh City 2020
Colin Weir Stirling Uni 2019
Roy Williamson Glasgow Uni 2019

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