Major / Minor Fouls

Minor fouls

These are irritating rather than dangerous and include things like

  • Illegal equipment ; stick, mouthguards, uniform, jewellery
  • Illegal procedures ; substitution, delay of game, asking for a second stick check on an already legal stick
  • Niggly fouls ; covering the ball, empty stick check, deliberate off the body balls, throwing the lacrosse stick, false starts WHERE AN ADVANTAGE IS GAINED.

Major Fouls

These are the saftey and conduct fouls and include things like

  • Player saftey fouls ; check to head, stick on body, dangerous shot, dangerous follow through, dangerous propelling, tripping (accidental or not)
  • Rudeness ; misconduct, intimidating behaviour (either verbal or using the stick)
  • Repeated fouls ; a repeated minor can become a major.

Your job is to keep players safe, so if you see something that looks dangerous or would lead to dangerous play, blow your whistle and stop play. Worry about “what next” later, the most important thing initially is to get play stopped and stop any potentially unsafe play from developing.

Officiating the minor / major fouls within 15m of goal

Click here for help with how and where to set up a free position following a foul within 15m of goal.

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